Internal Consumption of Essential Oils


What Essential Oils are safe for internal consumption/ingestion? When we say internal ingestion, we are referring to the actual consumption of an essential oil. For example, this could be a drop of cinnamon in a cooking recipe or more likely taking the oil through a veggie capsule.

Safety always come first. Here is a list of all the Essential Oils the FDA considers safe for ingestion. If it is not on this list, do NOT ingest it!


Now that you have a list of essential oils safe for consuming, how should you consume them? If you are interested in adding essential oils to cooking recipes, do just that. You can substitute a sprinkling of cinnamon in oatmeal with a drop of cinnamon oil, but mix very, very well as the oils are extremely strong. However, one of the biggest benefits of oils is their consumption as dietary supplements and nutrition aides.

We strongly advise that you do not just take a drop of an Essential Oil on the tongue as they are extremely potent and can upset your stomach. However, you can add a drop of the oil into a veggie capsule and take it just like a pill (do NOT fill the entire pill with the oil, just a drop)! These are super easy to use and work very well. We recommend doTERRA for anything that has to do with internal ingestion due to our feeling that they have the highest quality product and safety standards.

These doTERRA veggie caps are our recommendation. Amazon sells them in a two pack (320 capsules) for just $18.33. They are marginally more expensive than purchasing some of the supplements you’ll find at the drug store or in the health aisle at Walmart, but you know what you are putting in your body this way and have complete control. You also can mix two together and save on the pills!

Turmeric has been shown to help combat cancer, prevent heart disease, reduce inflammation, and provide a host of other health benefits. I personally use turmeric every other day to help combat inflammation and wow does it make a difference! In the Army, running is a pretty frequent activity. For me, running causes issues with bone swelling in my feet, inflammation in my foot and knees, and just general soreness. I can physically tell the difference when I do and do not take Turmeric.

Here is some information from doTERRA about what Essential Oils are safe for ingestion and the benefits from ingesting essential oils.  They also include some fun recipes! We do advise you conduct research, consult a health professional, and listen to your body when adding essential oils to your health regimen. Trust your body, if it does not feel right, STOP doing it!

Because we are dealing with internal ingestion of oils, we do not recommend brands other than doTERRA. We know that other brands are probably fine, but when it comes to what we put into our bodies, the extra few dollars are absolutely worth it to be sure we are getting the highest quality and safest products.

If you do not have Amazon prime yet, enjoy a free 30 day trial here.

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